Strata’s goal is to provide you with a sophisticated financial quantification of Brand, independent of subjectivity and in a language your C-suite peers, CEO and Board feel confident using to make informed organizational decisions. This is just a sample of the types of services we provide.

Quantitative Strategic Indicators

Ideal for those who believe leveraging Brand will contribute to revenue growth and want more rigorous statistics to understand the ROI. Also ideal for those who want a quantitative explanation as to why their brand is performing the way it is.

Brand Strategy

  • Quantify the value of the most financially-influential Brand drivers to enhance the efficacy and financial power of the Brand strategy
  • Establish Brand ROI criteria attributable exclusively to Marketing activities vs. rest of organization
  • Quantify the financial priority of your market segments
  • Forecast the time for Brand investments to impact business results

Organizational Business Insights

  • Dissect which organizational Brand investments are enhancing or impairing Brand’s ability to impact the bottom line
  • Calculate your maximum attainable market share based on market sizing, competitive behavior, category lifecycle, decision-making time frames, and other factors

Quantify Category Insights

  • Understand how Brand investments impact the category and your Brand’s revenue
  • Delve deeper into the Brand and revenue performance of specific competitors
  • Calculate whether additional Brand investments would accelerate your business growth
  • Understand category expectations from Brand and opportunities to explore white space
Financial Brand Indicators

Financial Brand Indicators take the Quantitative Strategic Indicators one step further. Internal financial performance is overlaid on the QSIs in order to:

  • Calculate ROI on Brand investment
  • Forecast more detailed time to payback (based on your specific business metrics, e.g. revenue, CLV, profit, etc.)
  • Model scenarios for revenue forecasting, risk management planning, or M&A Brand architecture
  • Provide more detailed financial results of various Brand investments by business divisions
  • Explore a live integration model that integrates real-time data to track your Brand’s financial contribution
Cultural Financial Factors

Ideal for organizations undergoing a major rebrand, M&A, experiencing low employee satisfaction/engagement scores or achieving low customer satisfaction scores. Strata takes a unique approach to measuring and quantifying employee perceptions and behaviors allowing you to identify areas of risk well before they impact your business.

  • Calculate the ROI on corporate culture investments
  • Secure data and insights that allow you to maximize revenue through cultural alignment
  • Model scenarios to optimize corporate culture expenditures
  • Understand the gap between customer expectations and corporate culture, and how that gap impacts revenue
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