Brand Economics

What is Brand EconomicsTM?

Brand EconomicsTM is Strata Insights’ proprietary method.  It assesses a comprehensive mix of internal and external data from financial, econometric, industry, investor relations, behavioral and perceptual perspectives.

By analyzing these complex relationships, previously considered unrelatable, you are able to identify the Brand investments and strategic options that will drive revenue.

This degree of rigor and accuracy allows you to put Brand on par with other assets, instead of relegating it to an expense.

We predict too much for the next year
and yet far too little for the next 10.
– Neil Armstrong

Is Strata Insights a Good Fit for Your Company?

Our process is not for people who fear change.  We attract the supremely keen and disruptive-types who believe there’s always a better way.

If you are open to the truths Brand Economics can reveal about your business,
we should talk.