Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Strata Insights prides itself on being the go-to people for calculating Brand ROI.  We are also the only consultancy with modeling capabilities to calculate the revenue potential of future Brand investments. We are enthusiastic about educating and inspiring people to look at Brand in a new and tangible way. As Brand Economists, we keep on top of current issues, incorporating our expertise to provide a unique perspective on the branded business world.

International Organization for Standardization

Strata Insights is a contributing author for the global standards council for Brand Valuation & Brand Evaluation TC:289/ ISO:10668 and is an author of the Global Brand Evaluation Standards for corporate brand measurement and financial forecasting.  This standard was published in early 2018 for the internal use of corporations in enhancing their financial brand measurement capability.

Licensing Executives Society & American National Standards Institute

Strata is the expert advisor on brands and contributing author on brands for the upcoming, 2019 U.S. reporting standards for Intangible Assets in the Boardroom.


Strata Insights contributed extensively to the Forbes Marketing Accountability Report.   It was designed to help CMOs demonstrate financial results for marketing investment.  Strata Insights also partnered with the Forbes CMO Practice to provide their clients with a more robust financial brand assessment offering.

Marketing Accountability Standards Board

Strata Insights contributed practices and standards to ensure rigorous, transparent, and transferrable Brand measurement and reporting practices. Strata led the MASB guidance and design around the 2018/19 changes to mandatory reporting on marketing performance for publicly listed companies.

University Of Toronto

One of Strata’s earlier co-founders developed and taught the first global, graduate course on the Finance of Brand Management.