About Us

Truth is,
we're data geeks

Yup.  Being Brand Economists doesn’t sound like the sexiest job in the world.
But it is to us.

We love finance, business, Brands, marketing, economics and strategy.  Our collective experience comes from over a dozen industries, some well-known like Banking, Packaged Goods, Health Care, Technology, Automotive, Government and Entertainment.  We also have some obscure industry experience in categories like Aerospace, Building Materials, and Cemeteries.  We love learning about new categories and never stop asking why — or why not.

Our Mission
To Firmly Position Brand as a Financial Asset

Commoditization.  Consolidation.  Technology advancing at an exponential rate.  Pricing wars.  Privatization.  Intangible assets like Brand can sustain and grow a business through these rough patches and Strata Insights’ mission is to show you how.  

Through Brand Economics, Strata Insights provides the financial evidence businesses need for more consolidated, insightful and profitable decision-making around Brand and other intangibles.

Brand is not a marketing expense.
It's an organizational opportunity from the Board to the C-Suite.

We'll prove it.