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Get the strategic and financial evidence you need to get organizational support for critical brand investment

Brand Economists

Answer the questions
that keep you up at night

Which Brand strategy will improve financial performance?

How can I gain greater market share without increasing my budget?

What are the most valuable brand perceptions to measure across the organization?

What is the impact of budget cuts to brand generated revenues?

What marketing tactics generate the most revenue?

What other organizational decisions enhance or impair Brand's ability to increase revenue?
(e.g. culture)

Build credibility by measuring ROI at all levels (your CFO will thank you)

We can measure brand ROI from the digital mix to the full brand experience

Digital Mix

Brands tend to over focus on digital channels and ignoring other key drivers of brand experience

Media Mix

Digital channels only account for "one slice" of the media mix

Marketing Mix

...and the media mix is only "one slice" of the marketing mix

Total Brand Experience

...and your marketing mix is just one part of your total brand experience

The most powerful and sustainable strategies leverages the entire organization
to generate revenue and build brand equity.

Brand is a team sport!

Principal Brand Economists

Mark Radha

Mark is a finance geek and brand strategist with hopes of being an F1 driver (but only in his dreams). As a Board member for an international NFP, Mark focuses on creating sustainable impact and economic development for vulnerable and under-represented communities.

Tracy Chong

Tracy is a self proclaimed "recovering marketer" and is our "Ripley" from Aliens (but not Alien Resurrection). A not-so-well known fact about Tracy is that she has several neuroscience patents and is a passionate advocate of women's rights, animals, and those on the autism spectrum.

Our Experience

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Our Experience

Irrefutable Evidence with Brand Economics

Brand is one of your greatest assets.

Brand Economics measures the entire Brand Experience, not fragments of it, so you can maximize engagement and financial contribution.

Our Approach

1. Measure the current state of your brand experience to understand what is or isn't working

2. Model an integrated organizational approach to prioritize your strategy using AI & HI (human intelligence)

3. Maximize the financial outcomes of your
brand experience using our Brand Economics Playbook

4. Monitor key metrics to manage risk
and get ahead of your competitors

Saving CMOs from being human pinatas since 2015

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