Intangible assets now play a bigger role in your financial success whether you realize it or not.  Over 80% of the S&P 500’s value comes from intangible assets.  Brand is one of the major intangible assets driving that value.

Strata Insights’ Brand Economics measures how much revenue is driven by Brand through the entire organization.  Because Brand is a team sport.

Brand Economics also identifies future revenue opportunities by modeling Brand interactions and perceptions, and their impact on behaviors.

We delve

Brand Economics examines internal and external factors to diagnose why your brand performs the way it does, how much it contributes to revenue and how to pivot to increase revenue through an organizational Brand strategy.

As a result, you have the statistical and financial evidence to support, challenge or test Brand investment scenarios that increase revenue and mitigate risk.

Brand Economics
Answers Tough Questions

we unravel statistical connections

Using the universal language of mathematics and statistics, Strata Insights Brand EconomicsTM model integrates accounting principles, behavioral science, AI, market research, financial performance, risk and volatility modeling, and organizational culture measurement to identify strategies that will generate the greatest revenue.  This provides leaders with fact-based financial insight into the current and future benefits, risks, and value of specific brand investments and activities.

Why Strata Insights?

Unadulterated Good, Bad, and Ugly

Our job is to tell you the truth.  Some findings will validate internal thinking.  Some will counterbalance a bias.  Some may even be contrary to a current way of thinking.  Regardless, our job is to arm you with financially-quantified Brand insights that set your business up for growth.

Let’s Work together

We Treat Brand as a Team Sport

Brand is more than Marketing. Therefore, we explore all relevant business groups to understand what may be impacting your Brand.  We integrate insights and data from your Executive Team to ensure all perspectives are captured for diagnosis.  As a result, our insights are actionable by the entire organization.

Meet Our Team

Metrics Your CEO & CFO Can Get Behind

Brand Economics leverages new brand measurement practices that leading organizations are developing for national and international deployment.  In addition, we integrate accounting, valuation, risk-factor analysis, and economic principles with the brand measurement practices to translate soft brand metrics into tangible financial attribution.

How we do it better

Integrate Unintegratable Metrics

One of the biggest barriers to Brand measurement is a credible ROI.  This requires insight into:  average sale; time to convert; CLV; customer loyalty metrics; organizational interactions/customer journey, and many other factors.  It also requires a model that can link these incongruent metrics.  Brand Economics can do that.

How it all stacks up

Building Standards for Financial Brand Measurement Across the Globe

Strata has been working with these organizations to establish national and international Brand Measurement standards.  Specifically, we have been working with the LES and ANSI to develop the upcoming 2019 U.S. reporting standards for Intangible Assets in the BoardroomWe also contributed to the ISO’s Brand Valuation & Brand Evaluation TC: 289 / ISO:10668 internal brand measurement standards.